Jasmine Incense with a hint of lotus


About this incense Generally associated with mental clarity, increased focus, and heightened intelligence. Because of these properties Lotus is often seen as ideal for meditation. Air associative alsoJasmine is both night and love associative. Although Jasmine is associated with love, it is not associated with sex or sex appeal, although it is associated with beauty. This is where Jasmine starts to differentiate itself from Rose. In love spells, where Rose tends to utilize the entire spectrum of romance, Jasmine is more concerned with the mental and emotional connections, and although Jasmine can bring forth someone who is beautiful, this beauty is often an inner-beauty, a beauty of character, in other words someone who you would find beautiful. This also makes Jasmine a very good incense for spells which are meant to promote friendship.




Make love emerge like the lotus flower and bloom like jasmine with these magical incense. Attract the energy of  love with the power of your mind and this powerful inciense .Say your loved one’s name 3 times before burning at least one stick daily. Powerful and Effective

  • Best Selling Incense Fragrances to attract Romance and Love
  • Hand Made 
  •  20 Sticks


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