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January 29, 2018



Alchemy bracelet, extremely powerful, highest vibrational bracelet in the world and recommended only for the experienced or prepared.

Original designs and created by cindy yvel


Alchemy bracelet

This bracelet contains volcanic stones, obsidian, black glass, and  is the most powerful and unique bracelet you will ever find. It is equivalent to wearing 24 different crystals at one time!

Warning: this bracelet is not meant for the beginners or those that are not committed to Spiritually Awakening to their path. This bracelet is also good for those that have awakened suddenly and are having a hard time dealing with it.

This bracelet is amazing because the incredibly high energy of the stones can leave some feeling very spacey and is way too powerful. The nuummite is the oldest crystal on the planet and the most grounding and protective. It was often called the philosophers stone for its ability to create magic and only allowed to be owned by royalty and their oracles.

Take a deep breath and lets see why these two crystals are so powerful. Custom made for just you so when ordering include your birthdate please

Power crystal
Master Channelling crystal
Self Acceptance
Self Confidence
Healing energy for empaths
Balancing energy for Indigos
Awakening power for Light workers
Connection to home for Starseeds as a meteor landed on this spot and the minerals soaked into the crystal
Connects to Angelic Realm
Brings Calmness
Cools temper
Helps those to think before speaking
Clears all chakras
Opens crown chakras
Aids intuitive abilities
Brings ancient knowledge
Removes fear of own power
Helps to be compassionate and not judgemental
Inner purification
Mystic truths
Lucid Dreaming
Stay grounded while awakening
Helps remember past lives
Releases old karmic patterns
Heals inner child
Helps bring abundance
Heals heart chakra
Deep Meditation
Helps headaches
Aids muscle pain
Revives life force
Phew.. thats intense.

Nuummite is a stone of tremendous grounding, attuned to the elemental forces of
Earth Healing energies
Protects from EMF
Strengthens protects the aura
Shields from environmental pollutants
Reduces stress and tension
Improves circulation
Protects against negative energies
Allows for deep recuperative sleep
Calms central nervous system
Fortifies mental accuracy
Stone of personal empowerment
Assists in ones awakening
Helps to see through others lies
Activates you to your hidden psychic gifts
Lets the lies of the subconscious be healed
Releases blocked energy
Self discovery
Self acceptance
Respect of one self
Healing from past lives
Aids in Lucid Dreaming
Helps the empath stay positive and stop attracting negative people
Helps the indigo with motivation and temper
Helps Starseeds with feeling grounded and aids their depression of missing home
Helps Healers reach the deepest levels of healing

Size S 6 inches
Size M 7 inches
Size L 8 inches

Charged with long distance healing and has instructions on how to recharge your bracelet for free using powerful frequencies from the earth.

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