Tarot reading video conference with Cindy Yvel



Una lectura completa más cinco preguntas puedes pedir quia para ello. La sesión será directamente con Cindy Yvel por video conferencia con previa cita.

A complete reading plus five questions you can ask for a guide for it. The session will be directly with Cindy Yvel by video conference by appointment.

Une lecture complète plus cinq questions que vous pouvez demander pour un guide. La séance se fera directement avec Cindy Yvel par visioconférence sur rendez-vous.





A tarot pack contains 78 picture cards, symbolising universal human experiences. Cindy Yvel  will relate the cards, through the energy that you emit  and , helping shed light on difficult or puzzling situations and offering hope, choices and renewed clarity. Ask questions about work, money and relationships or see what the year ahead holds!

Once you have paid for your reading, Cindy will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your session. Or if you prefer, you can contact Cindy at cindyyvel@gmail.com or facebook at Cindy Yvel Tarot to book a session before paying for your reading. Payment can then be made via shopping cart, Stripe, credit card or bank transfer.

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